Mitsuki-full moon

mitsuki as full moon


mitsuki in her 12 yr old body

Mitsuki Koyama
Full Moon
12 years old
· · ·
16 years old
blond(as fullmoon)
Black (as mitsuki)

4'11" 150 cm
Singer Voice Actors

[1] Myco


[2] Yong sin, Rhee


[3] Rowan, Katie



Mitsuki is a young, hopeful girl who has a special kind of disease--there is a malignant growth in her throat called a sarcome that makes it hard to breath at times, as well as sing. Even though it makes it hard for her to do the one thing she loves, Mitsuki stays positive, and continues to sing regardless. She will not get the growth surgically removed, because doing so would mean to lose her voice, and her ability to sing, forever.

When Mitsuki was very young, she fell in love with a boy named Eichi. Eichi was 16, and she was 10. One day, Eichi announced that he was leaving to go to America. He told Mitsuki not to cry, and that when they met again, they would both have reached their dreams--Mitsuki a singer, and him an astronomer. He told her that, since she reminded him of the moon--shining brightly, while hiding its wounds--he would look up in the night sky, and search for the full moon, and think of her.

[4] Two years later, a strange pair who called themselves Negi-Ramen showed up in Mitsuki's room. They told her that they were the Harbringers of Death, and that she only had a year to live. When Mitsuki found this out, she ran away, and to a singing tryout. She wanted to make her dream come true before she died. Unfortunately for her, the male half of Negi-Ramen, Takuto, caught her. When she told him what she wanted to do though, he let her go, but only as long as she promised to come with them if she didn't make the audition. He also gave her a pill filled with his blood that turned her 16, as well as healthy, so she could get in without being kicked out for her youth, and so she could sing.

In the beginning, he planned to disguise himself as a judge and make sure she lost, but when he heard her voice, he decided not to. Instead, he promised to help Mitsuki through her one last year to live, so that she could meet her goal, and live her dream. He wasn't too kosher about it when she announced she was doing it for Eichi, though.

Mitsuki is almost always hopeful, and can always seem to find the bright side of any situation. She has strong determination, as well as a loving heart, and great enthusiasm for any moment

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